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When hearing the salacious details of someone’s life, situation or character ask yourself…is the source of this information reliable? Credible? Does your gut tell you differently? What are the persons motives in the telling? 

One of the many things I’ve learned through my time on earth and in being in the Spiritual industries is to really feel into what’s being presented and dig below the surface. X – Ray vision for the soul, so to speak. At times it’s been very difficult to peel back the layers, other times crystal clear. 

Does it feel off kilter? Does something feel like it’s missing? Are there a myriad of undercurrents? 

The more time you spend busy working on yourself, knowing yourself and loving yourself, coming back to you and what you feel, see or hear, the more inclined you will be to recognise and accept others for who they truly are, at their soul level. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

For sometimes the wolf comes dressed in sheeps clothing and other times the “big bad wolf” is just crying out for love. 

Deb xoxo

Spiritual Wisdom

Judgement doesn’t sit at this table

Even the most spiritual / learned / intellectual amongst us are still having a human experience. That’s what we signed up for…yeah?  The trip up comes when you don’t allow for any flaws within yourself ( good luck with that ) or get nice and comfy on your pedestal by judging or critiquing another’s life. None of us are without flaws.  Strive for excellence. Perfection? Doesn’t exist....
Spiritual Wisdom

Dance like no one is watching

Life’s too short not to play. Not to seize the moment. Not to live damn it. Get up. Dance. Sing. Move. Run. Love. LIVE.What a perfect way to celebrate summer! The time which rules all things joy, creativity, passion and play....

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