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Tales from the other side

Late last night I was flicking through TV channels and came across a ghost hunter program. The investigators were shouting at those long passed, presumably to get a rise out of them. It was chaotic and sort of rude. 

Whilst I understand the theory – strong emotion does yield certain results – I also thought it was akin to a toddler shaking its fist at the vast expanse that is the afterlife and stomping its foot for it to perform. 

For one, many of those places hold the energy of folks who’ve lived through difficult, sad or violent times. They may even have been the ones who perpetrated said events.  Two, you have no idea whom or what you’re connecting to. Without proper training or experience you may get a whole lot more than you bargained for.

Personally, any interaction with Spirit/s requires being as clear and quiet a vessel as possible. So zero alcohol the day prior to reads – easy cause I rarely imbibe. Yep, it makes me the worlds most boring lightweight but I’m cool with that. 

Keeping a well nourished mind and bod also helps. So does immersing yourself in and being receptive to Nature. Oddly the best way to connect with Spirit is to ground within yourself. Kind of like a tree. It’s hard to reach the stars without anchoring to the earth first. 

How do you like to connect? I’d love to hear your techniques. 

And p.s. if you’re ever lurking about a spooky place, looking for signs of the paranormal, please remember your manners. They were once people too…long, long ago.

Deb xoxo

Psychic Insight

The road less travelled

It’s a double edged sword you see? But one which I wield with profound gratitude. For this path has been very, very long fought and incredibly hard won. It is a part of my essence. My light.  And a persons essence, soul or Spirit is something which cannot be taken. Only given with their permission....

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