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You just never know

I was at the supermarket this morn and decided to have a quick look at the magazines. All sorts of titles, designed to grab your attention. Most were about the upcoming Coronation of King Charles the 3rd. 

Hmmm…a travel and home mag caught my attention so I settled in and silently flicked through. 

I became aware of a presence beside me so shuffled over to give them some room. 

An elderly lady’s voice said “ Oh, don’t worry about me, I just come here for the memories.”

Okay, that got me. I turned to her and asked “ Are they good ones? Your memories? “ She replied “ oh yes, they are wonderful.”

I was fascinated. 

I said that sometimes we need to visit the past, to let the memories stir us, to make sense of the present and move towards the future. She agreed wholeheartedly. 

Her name is Doreen. She is a musician and comes to look at music magazines because her love for her craft compels her. 

She said that discovering music led her on such wonderful adventures and we spoke of my children’s incredible love for music and how, once you see the spark, you’ve just got to keep it burning. I asked more about her life. She said she had begun violin at age 3 and had studied it at university. 

Then one day she received an out of the blue phone call that would change her life. 

She was asked to play Verdi’s Requiem at the majestic Royal Albert Hall. The catch was, she had to give her answer on the spot and turn up after lunch the next day. 

Thing is, she wasn’t familiar with this piece and had had no practice whatsoever. She was so gobsmacked she could barely get her reply out. “Yes!” she squeaked, put the phone down and immediately panicked. Then flew to her professor who worked with her almost all night to get it right. 

But she did it. She showed up, jumped in boots and all and her life was never the same again. 

Doreen spoke of being guided by an unseen force and just let that force move through her. It took her a while to come down from that. This was something I totally understood and brought tears to my eyes. 

She looked straight at me, almost through me and said, “take the plunge, even when you’re frightened my dear, and see where it takes you.”

We hugged and went our separate ways but I was left feeling so inspired. You never know whom you’re standing next to. 

Tomorrow, Thursday the 20th of April 2023 at 05:12AM LON time we have the solar eclipse in trailblazer Aries. With it comes a sense of urgency as it sits at the final, 29th degree. This supercharged, bolt from the blue, hybrid “ring of fire” eclipse is super duper rare. And it squares deep, passionate and somewhat compulsive Pluto. 

Are you being urged to move out of your comfort zone and change your perspective? Having epiphanies and rapid fire aha moments? Is life feeling… intense? Unpredictable?

Be brave, honest and face a fear. Aries just loves spirit. 

Feel the Force.

Deb xoxo


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