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Owl Spirit calling

I’ve always loved nature. It’s been my refuge, my ally, my salvation.

When connecting to Spirit , whether for another or solely for myself, one of the Spirit animals to come through has consistently been the owl. It allows me to observe in silence, perched upon a quiet branch, high up in the tree. Through the act of just being still, many things can be revealed.

Owl energy imparts focus, patience and is deeply private. It is the bridge between worlds and can see in the dark. I also love the fact that they are connected to books, learning and reading. One of the first things it can help you with is to learn about yourself, all of you, not just the parts you wish to show to the light. They are always there, all you have to do is reach out.

I found a picture of two of my favourite things all rolled into one. Owls and stardust baby. What could be more perfect?

Which animal energy calls to you?

Deb xoxo


When they go down, I go up

When surrounded with drama, see it for what it is, an energy grab and…seek peace. ...

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