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When they go down, I go up

My morning yesterday was perfect in its simplicity. 

I walked in the forest. Was one with the trees and animals that surrounded me. The sun upon my back. I was happy. 

In a field I pondered upon all the different types of souls and beings and situations. 

And then enveloped myself in beauty. 

Because life has ugly. And combat. And hate. And violence. 

It’s all in the balance. 

I’ve worked really hard to move to a place where, when exposed to wilful negativity, to turn my focus to what is to be rejoiced in the world. 

When they go down, I go up. 

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. And that’s okay. We are all a work in progress. There will be days when you’re raging, or exhausted or both. 

I don’t ignore the bad. I witness it. And note it. I feel it ALL and then make a choice to feed myself with something good. 

How do you do this? 

Well, when hearing shit talk, ask yourself,  what can I learn today? Seek knowledge. 

When seeing inflated egos, ask yourself, who can I give to today? Give of yourself. 

When surrounded with drama, see it for what it is, an energy grab and…seek peace. 

Put your fingers in the soil, ask the earth to support you, listen to gorgeous music, move your body, eat a healthy meal, hug your loved ones. 

That way, the low strangely enough helps you become better. You can’t stop it from happening but you can get incredible insights and powerful learning. This all takes time mind you. And practice. 

This doesn’t mean be someone’s doormat, set your boundaries. But the act of non engagement is very freeing. 

Get busy doing your own thing.  Step outside. Live your life. You only get one.

( in this incarnation anyway! ) 


Owl Spirit calling

Owl energy imparts focus, patience and is deeply private. It is the bridge between worlds and can see in the dark. I also love the fact that they are connected to books, learning and reading. One of the first things it can help you with is to learn about yourself, all of you, not just the parts you wish to show to the light. They are always there, all you have to do is reach out....

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